Internal Sales Team

Julie Livesley
Sales Director

T: 01133 955 595

Julie's Favourite Products:

Prosecco Stoppers

Prosecco Glass (everything is better with bubbles)

Letter Candles

GYO Elf (reminds me of myself)

Andrew Pratt
Sales Account Manager

T: 01133 955 587

Andrew's Favourite Products:

Andrew likes to talk about the weather, Brexit and politics. Products are for social occasions – well apart from the Stress Boss on his desk which is squeezed daily!

James Pearson
Sales Account Manager

T: 01133 955 581

James' Favourite Products:

Letter Candles (fun to spell rude words!)

Paper Straws (because eco-friendly and blind drunk are not mutually exclusive)

The Queeriodic Table book (eye-catching and informative darling!)

Banta Game (lots of talking and strict rules = perfect!)

External Sales Agents

Bob Alexander
AKA - Big Bad Bob
Ken O’Brien
AKA - Kobster
North England & North Wales
Lesley Thorne
AKA - Thorny
Channel Islands – Books only
Zoe Webster
AKA - Duracell Bunny
East Anglia
Sally Goddard
AKA - Geeza
South East – Books only
Suzie French
AKA - Sooz
Home Counties
Andy Clark
AKA - Clarky
South East – Gifts only
Karen Berkley
AKA - Berk
South West
Siobhan O’Rourke
AKA - Nun on the Run
Eire & Northern Ireland
Here you can see Boxers Spring Fair team in their natural habitat….in a nice restaurant surrounded by booze!!

Here you can see Boxer's fun living team in their natural habitat... A nice restaurant surrounded by booze!