Bake Your Own House Husband

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Are you feeling a little stressed out? Could you do with an extra pair of strong hands around the house? Why not bake your very own house husband with this hunk shaped cookie cutter. Just add all you favourite things into the mix, plus a little spice to heat things up, and "taa-daa" the perfect edible man. These cookie cutters don't just have to be brought as a gift you can buy one for yourself!! These cutters are fully functional and come with a quick, easy and delicious cookie recipe. If you have a girl's night, a hen do or simply a sweet tooth and a love of baking, you'll impress all the girls with these hunk shaped cookies.


  • Depth : 26.50 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 18.00 cm


  • Hunk shaped cookie cutter.
  • Scrumptious cookie recipe on back of packaging.
  • Ideal cookie cutter for Hen do/girls nights in.
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