Internal Sales Team

Julie Liversley
VP Sales

Julie's Favourite Products:

Prosecco Glass (everything is better with bubbles)

Letter Candles

Grow a Christmas Elf (reminds me of myself)


James Pearson
Sales Account Manager

James' Favourite Products:

Letter Candles (fun to spell rude words!)

Paper Straws (eco-friendly and blind drunk are not mutually exclusive)

Banta Game (lots of talking and strict rules = perfect!)


Stacey Taylor
Sales Account Manager

Stacey's Favourite Products:

While our latest sales team member Stacey gets familiar with our products, we'll just presume that she loves them all - I mean, who doesn't?!




External Sales Agents

Bob Alexander


Lesley Thorne

Midlands & Channel Islands

Zoe Webster

East Anglia

Ken O'Brien

North England & North Wales

Sally Goddard


Karen Berkley

South West

Suzie French

Home Counties

Andy Clark

South East - Gifts Only