Our Mission

We want all gifts to create an impact. Gifts should be Fun, Wild, Quirky, Interesting and above all be better than before.

Boxer's Corner - Our Role In The World

We’re going to produce great gifts

› We take risks and we can be wild & that makes us interesting.

› We'll be there first. We’re going to have better lines & sooner than the lazy old wannabes out there.

› We add value and produce quality. Label slap isn't us. Our gifts will be willingly received. Alchemy expected.

We give best service to our customers because it’s the norm, we do it everyday. We will be 2 steps better than the rest.

We look for Long Term Gains, as they beat short term pains every-time

› Customer relationships

› Product development

› Team development

› Supplier partnership

› Efficiencies

→ We want to make a profit and want our customers and suppliers to do so too. We do this by spending less and selling more. Worlds cannot be changed at a loss.

This Is Us

In pursuit of our “Prize” we continue to take risks, we push boundaries and we get it wrong! However- we are not boring and we take our own less well trodden path. Leading our market by being first with quirky new ideas and fresh, interesting concepts. We (and our customers) want to make waves, be irreverent, be interesting and be different, which can scare even ourselves along the way but ultimately, we will be true to ourselves, our brand and to our customers.

Together we will Slay the Mundane.

Thomas O’Brien

President of Boxer | Chief of the Fun Mechanics | Slayer of the Mundane