Wifi Code Access Board

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Chores to be done? Kids always on their phones? Hold the Wi-Fi to ransom with this hilarious yet stylish novelty to-do list board, and see how quickly the tasks are completed! Complete with 5 white chalks and decorative white text, this chalkboard ransom sign can be wiped and reused, every time you need to change the password! This fun and classy sign will look great in any room, and will bring motivation (and fear) to all tech-addicted teens and adults alike! Don’t wait for chores to be done, hold it to ransom!


  • Depth : 0.90 cm
  • Height : 29.00 cm
  • Width : 21.30 cm


  • HOLD THE WIFI PASSWORD TO RANSOM - Hold the internet to ransom with this hilariously stylish Wi-Fi ransom board!
  • CHALK INCLUDED - Wooden with 5 white chalks, write their chores on this novelty chalkboard and see how motivated (or panicked) they become as they try to win the Wi-Fi back.
  • ENCOURAGE GOOD BEHAVIOUR - This board is great as a children's chore or to do list, and can positively impact the behaviour of children and teens, teaching them to work hard and help out to earn the things they want.
  • THE ULTIMATE PARENTING HACK - Perfect for homes with tech-addicted teens and adults alike, this is a fun and classy way to motivate your kids to do more around the house!
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