50 Ways To Outsmart A Squirrel And Other Garden Pests

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From the green-thumbed optimist who views their garden as a calming getaway to those that see backyard life as more of a struggle against weeds and pests, almost all gardeners will meet a creature or two who will drive them to despair. Plenty of gardeners are ready to swear off nasty chemical deterrents and bloodthirsty solutions. But how can you save your squash and uphold your hostas at the same time? 50 Ways to Outsmart a Squirrel serves up a smorgasbord of eco-friendly ideas and solutions. They're legal, humane and - best of all - effective. Cut through the old wives tales, save your salt for seasoning, and discover gold-standard, sustainable planting solutions and crop-saving tips from gardeners who know exactly how you feel.


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