Stand out from the crowd and share some fun!

Innovators, Developers and Revolutionaries. Slayers of the Mundane.


Fun Gifts, Wild Gifts, Quirky Gifts and above all fun!

At Boxer "Fun IS Our Business" which is shown in our range of fun gift products which are split into Occasion Gifts, Fun Homewares, Pocket Money Toys, Gift Books and our excellent Novelty Gifts. Our quirky gift ranges are developed for our wholesale supply.

Our mission to provide THE BEST new and innovative products and books for a greeting card shop, a garden centre or a gift shop keeps us focused on where our gifts are bought, who buys the gift and who the gift is bought for. Getting this right is our key and we want to find the right match for your retail store and for your gift buying customers! Our customer support team want your store to sell interesting products and fun gift books that your customers will love and share -helping spread your message and your story.

A big part of our commitment of "Fun" is that our trade customers will love our great customer service and fast despatch service. As a trade supplier we know its of the upmost importance to supply our fun gifts quickly reliably and painlessly - the very next day no less!! (Just make sure you order before 3pm)

We produce wild gifts, quirky gifts, sentimental gifts and humorous gifts, we can be irreverent and occasionally close to the bone but we are never boring and this makes our gifts the ones that are remembered long after purchase.

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