Fun Cave:
The first floor of our offices is dedicated to what many call a showroom. We call it the “Fun Cave”. In the Cave we have over 100sqm of innovative and fun product which will set your store apart from the rest. Just what your customers want and what you need!

Get in to see us! The biscuits are good, beverages suitably tasty and possibly intoxicating! There’s no better place to select your lines and build a great range. Say “Yes” to fun & “no way!” to the mundane.

Trade shows.
We take the Fun Cave on tour around the world.
Our love of Birmingham runs deep. We take 85sqm to show our latest wares. Our Purveyors of Fun will be on hand to ensure a restful stop at the Boxer stand. Tea, coffee and dependent on the hour something stronger! Don’t miss the next best thing!

Spring Fair, Birmingham in February
Autumn Fair, Birmingham in September

Diverse Marketing Booth- Building 2, Floor 14, Suite 1418 at the Atlanta Gift Mart January.
Diverse Marketing Booth - Building C, Floor 10, Suite C1079 at the Las Vegas Gift Show January.
Boxer Booth - Hall 1D, Stand 6715 at the NY Now Show February.
Diverse Marketing Booth - Building 2, Floor 14, Suite 1418 at the Atlanta Gift Mart July.


We do get very busy at the shows (hardly surprising with all this great stuff!) so try arrange a time to visit so we can make sure your Boxer contact is available for you. Speak with your contact directly or call 01133 955 595 /