Is Your Cat Trying to Kill You

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Is Your Cat Trying to Kill You is available to buy in increments of 12
Always thought your cat was evil? With this hilarious new card game, you can find out if they really are planning to kill you...or maybe it is just kitten! Simply work through the 52 large format playing cards and tally up the daggers to figure out whether behind your cat's meow….is murder on the mind! Packaged in bright packaging with a fun catnip toy, hopefully you can keep your furry friend on your side! Perfect as a fun novelty gift for cat-lovers everywhere this game can be played individually, or to find out who has the most evil cat of all!

CAN YOU TELL IF YOUR CAT IS PLOTTING TO KILL YOU? - This fun, cat themed game features hilarious actions that are tell-tale signs of a killer kitty! Tally up the daggers and see how evil your cat is!

PAW-SOMELY FUN CAT GAME - The 52 large-format cards feature actions of a killer cat. Rate how often your cat does them and tally up the daggers - the more daggers, the more scared you should be!

FUN CAT GIFT FOR CAT OWNERS! - Allowing them to know if their cat is plotting to kill them, this funny game is the perfect cat themed gift for any crazy cat lady, cat mum, cat dad or cat lover!

CATNIP TOY INCLUDED - With a catnip felt toy included with the game, no matter how evil your cat turns out to be, you can win them onside - It really is the best funny cat gift for both owner and pet!

  • Depth : 14.50 cm
  • Height : 2.00 cm
  • Width : 8.60 cm
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