The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Book

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?Solve over 144Êpuzzles, navigate around maps of London and the English countryside, search for hidden clues, andÑmost importantlyÑexercise your sharp intellect and keen perception skills, just as Sherlock Holmes would. Hours of fun and entertainment await you inside! First appearing in 1887, Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend and biographer, Dr. John Watson, continue to be two of the most popular detective characters of all time. Who, then, could be better companions to accompany you on this three-challenge puzzle adventure, inspired by these six classic Sherlock Holmes short stories? The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge The Adventure of the Second Stain The Adventure of the Reigate Puzzle The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plan This illustrated edition includes: The Puzzle Challenge: Each of the six chapters, inspired by a Sherlock Holmes short story, contains 24 puzzles for you to solve, including cryptograms, crosswords, ciphers, and more. The Map Challenge: Each chapter has an accompanying map, so after you solve a puzzle, you consult the map clue box at the bottom of the page for your next stop on the map and puzzle to solve. The Sherlock Challenge: This challenge has you looking out for SherlockÕs magnifying glass with a number in it, prompting you to add words to grids and ultimately revealing a Sherlock Holmes quotation. Ê The Puzzlecraft series from Wellfleet Press tackles some of the greatest conundrums of our time. Learn how to navigate the worldÕs trickiest mazes, solve the most complex crosswords, and finally get the answer to ÒWhy is a raven like a writing desk?Ó Follow literatureÕs most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, as he guides you through hundreds of challenging cross-fitness brain exercises inspired by his most popular cases and adventures. You can also train your memory to perform better and learn the meanings behind your own personality traits or the traits of others. These handy and portable paperbacks are sized perfectly to travel, whether on vacation or just for your daily commute. The intricately designed covers and bold colors will capture your attention as much as the engaging content inside. Ê Other titles in the series include: The Curious History of Mazes; The Curious History of the Crossword; The Curious History of the Riddle; Escape from Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock Holmes Puzzles: Code Breakers; Sherlock Holmes Puzzles: Math & Logic Games; Sherlock Holmes Puzzles: Visual Puzzles; Sherlock Holmes Puzzles: Lateral Brain Teasers; Solving Sherlock Homes; Maximize Your Memory; and The Book of Personality Tests.


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